Life is learning… yes, even in the shower! 

Did you know each year we spend nearly 91 hours in the shower? For anyone who awkwardly ever told you there’s no chance in learning something in the bathroom – they were wrong. Tilco products makes it easy to learn something new while you’re scrubbin’ clean.

The idea came when a young girl found herself memorizing the ingredients on shampoo bottles while showering. Unless she wanted to become a shampoo chemist assistant, knowing Polysobate, Quaternium-15, Polyquarternium, and many other words the common human can’t pronounce was pretty useless information. While contemplating on where she could get pages of her SAT study guide laminated to bring in the shower, Baby Buddha came to her dressed as Elton John and told her “Why see a boring, plain, empty, shower curtain when you could turn THAT into a learning device.” And so it began – the spiritual journey to create SMART shower curtains.

The Intuitive Learning Company is proud to bring you a unique line that gives kids, students, and adults a fun and efficient learning experience. Put down your books, and get in the shower!

(Just imagine the look on your friend’s face when you tell them you learned French in the shower.)