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Repurposed Doors Make an Entrance on Belgium Streets

On the streets of Belgium, there is a new take on street art that has not before been seen. Instead of spray-painted signs, jokes, and people playfully splattered throughout the city, like in the works of Banksy, artist Stefaan de Croock used wooden doors! Croock is a Belgian painter and sculptor who began working with repurposed wood panels, including doors, in his work to add a new touch to his wooden street art sculptures.


What is unique about this style of street art is it repurposed form, its three-dimensionality, and the warmth and respect it may bring as a piece of street art with more acceptance. As compared before, most of the works of Banksy were questioned whether they were considered street art because of the graffiti-looking nature of them. However, Croock’s wooden door work has broken the barrier of confusing street art and sculpture by creating a beautiful accepted piece.

Croock’s series is entitled “Elsewhere”, and he partnered with with his 69-year-old father Mechelen Muurt.


The mural renders geometric shapes that are pieced together like a puzzle, forming various silhouettes and figures of people. The wooden doors have their original scuffs, paint, and texture. Croock mentioned that he likes to work with the repurposed wooden doors because “it’s like a footprint of time.” Each character and piece of artwork speaks for itself through the textures and colors of each door used in the piece; these work together to inspire emotion and draw forth a character and meaning for each silhouette.



--Jessalyn Kieta


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