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How to Study for Math

Math has a language of its own, with its numbers, complex variables and symbols, charts, graphs, and all sorts of increasing and decreasing curves. Having some handy step-by-step tips can lead you to more success with learning math! Use these study and test taking tips to lead to greater mathematic success!

  1. Read math problems completely before answering the question. If you read a question too quickly, you may miss important information or hints that can help you understand the question better.
  2. Draw diagrams when necessary. Most students believe they have great visual skills, but keeping your math straight can be tough! Having a diagram visually in front of you can take out some confusion and point out answers more clearly.
  3. Make sure you are working in the same measurements. This can be especially true of problems involving distance, chemistry, or baking. Your answer may be correct, but just not in the right measurement, and that’s a sad way to lose points!
  4. Do not be thrown off by questions that are a multi-step process. There may be additional work that must be done before arriving at your complete answer.
  5. Know the functions and abilities of your calculator. Most math courses nowadays are pretty good at teaching students how to complete work by hand, and with a calculator. This can help you find answers quicker, or help you fix your calculator if you are not seeing the results you were expecting.
  6. Understand the concepts and processes of math, rather than memorizing symbols and formulas. The complaints of not understanding math start with the student; if the student wants to truly be successful, they should take it into their hands to understand why the process makes sense.
  7. Begin each class by reviewing notes. This will jog your memory and help you jump into your classwork immediately, giving you a better math exercise.
  8. Finally, do you math homework immediately after math class or your new lesson. This is when the math material is the most fresh and understandable to your mind, and the repetitive practice of what you have just learned will drill the concepts into your memory.


--Jessalyn Kieta

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