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Intricate Cut Paper Windows by Eric Standley

Eric Standley’s cut paper windows, which are colored and cut in similar ways to stained glass, capture what the infinite must look like. These windows are carefully crafted with the sinewy laser cut pieces of paper, which are intricately weaved and laid, layer after layer, into a frame, forming beautiful and mesmerizing works.

You can tell from Standley’s work that he had to be greatly influenced by the geometry of gothic and Islamic architecture. Instead of the massive weights of glass and stone to make stained glass murals in windows, Standley has taken laser cut paper to replicate these marvels.


How he does it, you ask? For starters, Standley will sometimes use over 100 layered sheets of paper, proving how time-consuming the process is. There are usually months of drawing, planning, and assembly involved. Drawing each layer individually in vectors, Eric then cuts each piece of paper with a high resolution CNC laser to create the stained glass paper. This allows for the cutting to happen with precise detail.


The drawing process is usually finished up on the computer with the use of vectors, allowing Eric to see his focal point and negative space clearer, therefore giving him insight on how it can be filled.


Eric is an associate professor of studio art at Virginia Tech. His artwork is currently being displayed at CODA Paper Art 2015 and at MOCA through August.



--Jessalyn Kieta

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