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Girls, Meet Jewelbots

“Girls love expressing themselves through customization,” says Sara Chipps, co-found and CEO of Jewelbots. This company has the incredible goal in mind to finally begin to break barriers between the STEM career path and girls, starting their interests with science, technology, and engineering at a young age. How they plan on achieving this? Jewelbots!


Jewelbots are a newer invention that is designed to teach girls how to code. It is a fashionable friendship bracelet that can be activated with an iPhone. Once activated, the jewelbot can vibrate in Morse code to send messages to your friends, light up when your other friends are near, or other customized signals. They are open source, meaning that they can use the Arduino ID to change their messages and alerts to what they want, ranging from buzzing when they get a new Instagram follower, or being notified of when their dad is going to pick them up from school.


The founders of Jewelbots have pointed out that many kids are beginning to teach themselves how to code for other games, but they wanted to create something specifically for girls to be excited about coding. Jewelbots stand for the idea that girls can be girly, and like STEM career paths too.


Based on studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field of careers is rapidly growing, and if girls don’t join in on the craze soon, there could be too many job positions and not enough graduates to fill them. There is an estimated 1.4 million computer science positions alone that will be available in 2020. And of these jobs, it would be great to see more women in the field! Jewelbots can be a great way to start infiltrating more coding techniques into young girls, and get them more situated with science and computer related interests.


--Jessalyn Kieta

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