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Learning is a Choice, Not a Part of Growing Up

There are laws in place that require children under 18 to attend school, but going to school every day for years and years is not the same as learning. There is a difference between learning and education, and learning has been a choice that has been given to adolescents for decades.

Parents send their children off to school in hopes that they will learn more science, math, English, and history to apply to the world around them and their future education. However, it is only the child’s choice to listen and retain the information that is being taught. The truth is that education should be something enjoyable for the children because that is what will motivate them to continue to learn more and more. If you look at your own interests and hobbies, no one tells people to keep up with these interests; they simply do it on their own because they want to! Education is slowly backing away from having this kind of mentality, and we need to reintroduce a passion for knowing and learning more. A great way of turning education around is to make schooling become more of an interest rather than a chore; there are many learning requirements and expectations for learning in schools that makes it difficult for children to enjoy it!

Parents, teachers, and adults cannot continue to thrust information from a subject that a child does not want to learn. Hopefully, more interactive hands-on teaching and activities can spark adolescents’ interests in schooling for the future. Creativity in teaching through theater performance, art, ceramics, and music are also great subjects in school that need more attention and get the brain working.


It was best said by John Holt: “Learners make learning.” No parent or teacher can force someone to remember something that bores them or is not something they need to know to be successful. We all have made mistakes and learn from them, whether we receive a great education or not. In the end, learning is a choice we make based on our interests.


--Jessalyn Kieta

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