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4 New Learning Tools You’ve Got to Get Your Kids Into!

We know that technology has expanded our levels of learning and given us a reach to so many new ways of teaching our kids; however, the expansion of the Internet has also made good learning sites hard to reach—and find! My compiled list includes not only online tools for learning, but products as well, since a balance of online and hands-on activity is essential for a good learning environment. Check out these learning tools!


  1. Mindomo—This is an online site that offers subject mapping, or rather, it helps kids lay out their ideas, topics, and subtopics to go along with it. They can also hold different media types, such as YouTube videos, photos, and additional notes. These “mind maps” can be collapsed, expanded, focus on one section only, and shared with friends via email. These flowcharts get the creative juices moving and inspire kids to look deeper into their topics they have interest in!
  2. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Screen LaptopThis toy gives way to playful use of electronics and the “internet” before the age of one! With this faux computer, children can press buttons that will show shapes, letters, numbers, colors, or object names, based on the setting. The baby computer is bilingual as well, so you can begin to teach your child English and Spanish from a young age!
  3. Brainbox STEAM Games: Set of 4—This collection of boxed games have just what you need to get your child interested in subjects such as science and nature, math and inventions, art, and technology! Each game is a memory booster on facts about each subject. Players study the cards with the facts and then try to remember them to answer the same blank questions on the back of the cards.
  1. TILCO’s Educational Shower Curtains—Spice up your bathroom with some learning tools in regular household places! These shower curtains have a range of learning topics from SAT vocabulary, several different languages, and math equations. The shower curtain is a fun, subconscious learning addition to your home space.


--Jessalyn Kieta

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