Comic Cups--A Fun Way to Dine

We have all used a small paper Dixie cup from time to drink for a quick drink, but what if you took a paper cup with style? Perhaps a teacup and saucer combination out of eggshell-thin pieces of century-old comic books paper is more your cup of tea! If so, you’re looking at the right creations!


Cecilia Levy has crafted just that—teacup and saucer combinations made out of old comic strips, such as Spiderman. Not only does she make teacups and saucers, but also bowls and plates, transforming two-dimensional materials into a nostalgic three-dimensional experience. Levy describes her process, saying that she starts with tearing out the pages and then re-forming them together in the shapes she chooses. As she puts it: “The story lives on, but in a different shape.” These fun kitchenware pieces are a great piece for a collection, or a fun gift for some old comic strip lovers or superhero fans.


Levy’s main comic strip series focuses on Spiderman for the most part, telling the story of the web-slinging hero through sips of tea and bites of a snack off of her upcycled kitchenware. Levy’s creations started out at papier-maché in 2009, which a new experimentation for her since she has a background in graphic design and book-binding. She was commissioned to make the Spiderman series for the children of the Uppsala preschool and library, which were fun, more layered, and more colorful than some of her other pieces. The captivation and interest of a comic book series is not lost through these new pieces of art, but rather draw in people for their new three-dimensional form and new unique way of telling a story.


--Jessalyn Kieta

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