Reflection Perception

In the Bitforms gallery in New York, there is a new kind of mirror that is drawing attention to this museum. Daniel Rozin, the inventor, has created an interactive installation that is made of pieces of black and white fur that move accordingly to your own body movements in front of the installation.

The piece is circular and contains exactly 928 pieces of faux black and beige fur. The fur pieces are each attached separately to motorized objects so that the furs can move forward and backward accordingly. The installation also has a motion sensor in facing forward, which allows the installation to project your furry silhouette across its surface as you move. As you move around in front of the PomPom Mirror, the beige fluffs are replaced with black ones in the shape of your body.


The PomPom Mirror is part of a collection of other moving installations including wooden pegs, trash, or folding fans that all have the ability to track movement. Rozin commented that he has long been trying to find a combination of soft materials and fabrics with technology, since many mechanical objects are hard, cold, and rigid. He was happy to make a breakthrough with the use of the pom poms, which can squeeze in between tight spaces (like other pom poms) and then retain their shape when they move forward again.


Rozin’s intellectual idea of a soft integration of technology is a great representation to the world we are slowly becoming accustomed to; there is much structure and rigidity in the way that we go about our lives with so much technology surrounding us. This new installation is suggestive of holding on to the “softer” emotional and delicate features of society in order to maintain a healthy balance.


--Jessalyn Kieta


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