Three-Dimensional Sound Waves

Reify is a new company that has harnessed the art of making the intangible, tangible. With their new technology, they have created sculptures that are pulsing animations of our favorite songs. They are able to do this through using special software to capture the nature of the sound waves in a song, and print these sound waves into a sculptural shape using a 3-D printer. The printer can make the sculpture out of copper, plastic, even coconut husk.



Reify has also created an interactive app to be used in tandem with their unique sculptures; when you open the Reify app and point your smartphone screen at the sculpture, it is able to read the sound wave sculpture and play the song back to you.

Allison Wood, the CEO of Reify, was able to develop this technology through the New Museum-led incubator called NEW INC. They now have gained enough attention to have their own studio, but have plans of continuing collaboration with NEW INC.

Reify’s musical sculptures are planning to become more advanced in the future by 3-D printing full albums, poems, and other audio sources that could produce interesting and unique coffee table art.



--Jessalyn Kieta

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