Energy Efficiency Meets Aesthetics

The redundant 9-to-5 workdays can seem to drain the life and energy out of you, even though you’ve only been sitting at your white plastic desk with your gray cubicle walls and squeaky roller chair to haunt you for eight hours. However, architects are working towards eliminating the workplace from equivocating a boring place. They are making moves to build more working environments that are beautiful, eco-friendly, creative, and sustainable.

There are six different spaces mentioned in an article posted on, which go into more detail about some of the best-built working spaces around the world. The first one is Selgas Cano’s woodland glazed office in Madrid. The glazed office is literally in the middle of a forest, with huge earth to ceiling windows to expose oneself to the beauty of the nature they are working within. The streamlined design gives the building a sleek neutral look that contrasts to the rough nature surrounding it. However, the immersion of this workspace in the middle of the forest has given workers a beautiful scenery, nature, and wildlife to accompany them with their work and inspire them.

The article then mentioned the genius architecture work of Camenzind Evolution in developing Google’s new collaborative office in Zurich. There was a local brewery in Zurich that was then transformed into a fun workspace with pool tables, slides, lounges, and other creativity to make Google’s EMEA Engineering office an innovative space.

Next on the list was the Cuningham Group’s LEED Gold office in Culver City, with an astounding combination of recycles products, other eco-friendly designing, and indoor gardens. The Cuningham Group worked with REThink Development to create this gorgeous green workspace with natural light and ventilation (just for a taste of the outdoors when indoors!), shipping containers tastefully turned into offices, and indoor food farming. When you’re stuck behind a desk day after day, you don’t realize how much less you’re getting out of the air you breathe because it is recirculated air within a building. This workspace is bringing that fresh natural air that we all need a bigger helping of and putting it indoors! Not only that, but their recycled pieces add style and ingenuity to a space that is also cost effective and healthy.  


Continuing on that note of healthy, eco-friendly workspaces, we have a new workspace that, when redesigned by Clive Wilkinson Architects (CWA), cut their energy consumption literally in half! Macquarie Bank’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia underwent a change of energy in order to acquire this beautiful conducive and collaborative workspace. The greatest feature of this building is the natural sunlight streaming through the ten-story atrium of the building, accompanied by the 26 ‘meeting pods’ situated on various floors that promote good communication amongst co-workers within their space. Also, the open space eliminates that drab, closed-in feeling of a cubicle. It was time to ditch that space!

Finally, we have a new workspace designed by the worldwide sustainability cooperative Excerpt. They turned an abandoned shipyard into offices in Amsterdam by making the office space double as a greenhouse. Workers can interact with nature and be inspired by nature without leaving this green space. The offices are filled with lush hydroponic modules that grow plants and food indoors.

These gorgeous, eco-friendly buildings are living proof that we aren’t doing enough to amp up our workplaces and make them more acquainted with the environment and our surroundings. Providing more environment-inspired workspaces gives workers a fresher start to each and every day and brings work and play together through nature. We are hoping to see more buildings and offices that can accommodate for their workers in such ways, and sometimes at a decent cost as well if recycled products are used. Even though large businesses are killing the environment with their high intake of energy, we can flip those statistics around with these amazing indoor eco-friendly work places.

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-- Jessalyn Kieta

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