Low-Budget Library in South Africa Turns into a Success

The hardship of funding building companies to create educational facilities in third world countries has had a breakthrough—with the new SEED library built in South Africa. The building of this library ran out of funding before they completed the structure, so the Johannesburg-based Architects of Justice turned to recycled materials that would still function as a high quality space for learning while also being interactive. 

The Architects of Justice used large shipping containers from trucks that were placed perpendicular to each other to create a larger internal area. There is an upper container that has study rooms and an open deck for reading, creating a brightly colored environment for children to study and learn in.

This incredible feat will bring joy and education to many children in South Africa, and hopefully there can be a continuation of these types of buildings that are built on a low budget. The use of recycled materials for a building is genius; perhaps architects will learn to stretch their money provided so that they can build more with what they have been given. Even the architects commented that this building could serve as a prototype for other buildings that are running on a low budget or have similar design requirements.

What is most interesting about the SEED Library is how colorful and interactive it seems to be than most buildings; this library really embodies the idea of providing a structure that is made for the children specifically. Nowadays, the modern chic look is what most architects are striving for, but maybe more educational buildings should be built on a friendlier level to make children feel more at home. The ingenuity of the shipping containers and the colorful walls in the SEED Library encourage imagination and creativity, something that should be kept alive in the minds of children.

The SEED library was recognized with many awards, including the Gauteng Institute for Architects Merit Award, and a silver at the Loeries, as well as being shortlisted for the Corobrick South African Institute of Architects Awards of Merit and Excellence.

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--Jessalyn Kieta

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